FANLALA - Olivia Somerlyn Collaborates on "Parachute" with Nick Jonas! / by Olivia Somerlyn

If you’re a fan of the Jonas Brothers, then there’s a really good chance that you’ve heard the music of Olivia Somerlyn. She’s been a long time friend, and now Olivia is taking on the music scene with her own music!

“Parachute” is the brand new single from Olivia Somerlyn, and the second we heard it for the first time, we knew we’d be hooked! If you were ever wondering how Olivia’s music would evolve as she grows up, this is it! There’s a very dancefloor feel to this song, but what sets it apart from the rest are the lyrics that really make us feel something.

What makes “Parachute” even more special is that Olivia collaborated with her longtime friend Nick Jonas in writing the song. With Nick teaming up with Olivia, you know this song is going to be just amazing. You can download it on iTunes today!

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