I am so excited to be a finalist in iHeartRadio's #MacysRisingStar competition, but I can't win without the help of every single one of you incredible #SomerLovers! Since voting can be a lot to ask, I wanted to do something very special to thank you... So every Sunday I will do a private google hangout with the #SuperSomerLovers who vote as many times as possible! You never know when I might have special surprises for you or bring special guests to join us... so you don't want to miss a single one! 

Here's how to get your invitation:

VOTE for me on iHeartRadio's #MacysRisingStar contest EVERY DAY iheartradio.com/risingstar! Vote as many times as it will let you – until you get an error message! Upload a screenshot showing the error message and the date below. Do this 5 days out of the week day and on Sunday, we'll email you a SECRET link. The link will give you access to an EXCLUSIVE google hangout… WITH ME! 

You'll need to vote to the MAX amount, and upload the screenshot, AT LEAST 5 times during the week in order to get the link. (I encourage you to vote every day because you never know when there might be surprises for SomerLovers who go above and beyond!) Make sure you fill out the form completely and be sure that your screenshot includes the date! :) 


  • Vote until you get the MAX OUT error
  • Upload the photo using the form below
  • Receive a link via email

Join an INVITATION ONLY google hangout on SUNDAY night! 
Make sure to do it all again the next week to ger your invitation to the next exclusive google hangout! Like I said, you never know when I might have surprises for you, so you don't want to miss a single one! 

How to take a screen shot

If you are not sure how to take a screen shot please visit http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ they break it down for you very easily! Make sure there is a date and time stamp on the screenshot.

Fill out my online form.

Sample Screen Shot

NOTE: Screen shots without DATE and TIME showing will not be valid entries. The date and time is located at the bottom of the Top Ten 'Leaderboard' Results. See you at the Google Hangout!